About me

I’m a 31 (for now, the damn number keeps increasing) year old Software ninja developer. I’m passionate about anything IT, and spend most of my time online in some shape or form.

This website will serve as my main outlet, when I want to talk about anything (that doesn’t fit nicely into the 140 char limitations of a tweet)… yes, really… anything! Given that my main interests are related to IT, it’s very likely that my posts will be about IT-related topics.

If you’re somewhat dyslexic, or just don’t enjoy reading (that much), check out my twitter-feed to the right, or go directly to it, at:


Since I do work in the IT-industry, I guess it does make sense to do some sort of advertisement of my abilities and skills here – those being (in no particular order):

Java development

  • J2SE
    • AWT & Swing
    • Eclipse RCP applications & Plugin development
      • SWT & JFace
      • GEF (Graphical editor framework for SWT / Eclipse)
    • jMonkeyEngine (OpenGL gaming platform for Java, which is quite awesome…)
  • J2EE
    • Enterprise Java Beans
    • Hibernate
    • Camel / ActiveMQ (on Apache ServiceMix / Apache Karaf)
    • OSGi
    • Dozer
  • Android application development

Web development

  • Spring & Struts
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • PHP
  • Grails (Groovy)
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript (it’s sorta implied, though)

Miscellaneous (equally important)

  • Experience in designing, architecting and developing Object Oriented software solutions
    • Software patterns
    • UML
    • Test Driven Development
  • Experience with Agile software development methodologies

In my spare time I spend almost all my time on my fitness website (okay, it’s not all me… we’re 4 guys working on it): SimpleFitness.dk. I’m also a strong advocate of the philosophy that our bodies weren’t build to sit stationary in front of a monitor for extended periods of time – so I try to visit the ‘gym 3 times a week.

Contact me

If you want to contact me, because I’m awesome or because you’re interested in something I wrote on this website – feel free to use the form below. I would however recommend you post a comment on the blog post if it’s regarding one of those.

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